(F)Actually – A Myth Busting Website About History

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O čom to je?

The website tenyleg.com aims to shed light on pseudoscientific fake news by publishing academically established facts to counter the incredible legends spreading on the internet. The project involves the setting up and continuous updating of the website. It is also accessible as a smartphone app. The main target audience is the generations born after the democratic changes of 1989. We publish short texts, videos to bust a specific false myth. The social innovation involved in the project is the idea of creating the website, directing public attention to the existence of false historic beliefs.


Fake news and false historical narratives are spreading online faster than ever. Online sources rooted in misconceptions and ideologies are a significant problem. Through Tényleg!? (“(F)actually”), history teachers in Hungary are responding to this socio-educational challenge to identify and counter historical misconceptions and fake news.


The Tényleg!? website and smartphone app were launched to debunk false historical information presented online. The website publishes reliable, academic facts to help young people recognize and counter fake news. We directly address young people through organising YouTube filmmaking competitions to support conscious media practices.


People born after the 1989 democratic changes are the most affected target group. We reach this community on our website and online platforms – websites and social media channels– where fake news spreads. Tényleg!? is also active on social media to bring the content closer to their peers.


Tényleg!? provides young people with reliable information in exciting ways, such as downloadable short clips and funny videos. The informational content is well integrated and reduces the impact of misconceptions and dangerous ideologies for the most vulnerable age target groups.


Tényleg!? presents and raises media awareness among young people, which can be applied in all social and international contexts. By offering historical facts against false information, Tényleg!? counters misconceptions and dangerous ideologies among the most sensitive, susceptible age groups.

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Tényleg!? responds and counters widespread inaccuracies of Hungarian history with accessible texts and videos. Tényleg!? appeals to young people by presenting topics produced by their peers. The dominant presentation of history – propagated by the government and on social media – is countered with an interpretation of history that follows academic principles and is open to debate. Tényleg!? is innovation in thought and action.