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Zodpovedná osoba: Arijana Lekić- Fridrih


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O čom to je?

"From5to95" is a multimedia art project that serves as a medium for sharing women's stories and experiences. Girls and women talk about what it is like to be a woman in Croatia and how their life path differs from that of their mothers or grandmothers. Each of the protagonists symbolically represents one year of life - from 5 to 95 years. The project captures the memories and experiences of women and it is a virtual museum of women's spoken history. "From5To95" is the only project of its kind in Croatia and the region, and its goal is to empower women by opening a public dialogue.


From5to95 (“Od5Do95”) was created as a response to women’s inequality in Croatia. Certain female experiences continue to be shared only through word of mouth – from generation to generation. From5to95 encourages public intergenerational dialogue and gives women and girls – from ages 5 to 95 – a space to speak out and share their experiences, ranging from childhood memories to social inequalities.


From5to95 is a multimedia art project that shares stories and experiences of women in Croatia. Each woman symbolically represents one year of life  – from  5  to  95  years old. The women also share how their lives differ from their mothers or grandmothers. The project also serves as a virtual museum of women’s oral history.


The project focuses on women of all ages from all regions of Croatia. Some of our participants give presentations and hold round-table discussions. We also present our work in galleries throughout Croatia in Zagreb, Split, and the island of Mljet to highlight the diverse challenges and oppressions of women in society.


From5to95 is the only project of its kind in Croatia and the region. The project empowers women by opening public dialogue through public filmmaking and art. We also led 17 workshops and lectures in public libraries and schools.


Our audience is from Croatia and its neighbouring region, but unfortunately, the inequality of women and girls is present everywhere. From5to95 can be transferred to another social space, context, or region – and we hope that this will happen.

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Girls and women talk about their lives and experiences in the past and present in Croatia without rules and (self-imposed) limits. The video testimonials show different regional and social ways of life between women of all ages. The result is a unique virtual museum of female oral history accompanied by lively debates. From5to95 is a socially innovative, long-term project that constantly produces new stories. Women and girls speak publicly about the realities of their lives and experiences, which are finally gaining the attention they deserve in society.