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On SchuBu you will find digital “SchuBooks” for curricular use in secondary school classes (10 - 15 year old students). SchuBu is a web-based platform that is geared towards action- and application-oriented teaching of school material. “Doing”, “exploring” and “finding solutions” are at the center of this new type of school books (SchuBooks). An offer like SchuBu's is currently not available on the Austrian market or in Europe. The basic version of the teaching and learning materials is available online completely free of charge.


In our increasingly digitalised world, e-learning holds significant importance. All major textbook publishers provide e-books; however, interactive, digital lessons are essential and far more beneficial. 


SchuBu is more than an interactive textbook; we develop and publish a digital tool that encourages children to explore beyond the digital world through play. This approach inspires children to learn about the digital realm with joy. 


Teachers and school directors are the initial beneficiaries of SchuBu. Ultimately, students are at the heart of our efforts. The platform aims to deliver content that resonates with the realities of children's lives. 


SchuBu makes school fun and interactive by learning through play. This makes school a place where students and teachers enjoy and look forward to being. Our work aims to foster a society that values knowledge, diversity, and mutual respect. 


The entire project can be adapted and transferred to various spaces. It also operates effectively in different areas, regions, and contexts. It focuses on emphasising the importance of education and encouraging learning through play.