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Growing together

Godparents for children of mentally ill parents

Priestor pre rozvoj

Program pre mladých ľudí odhodlaných pomáhať

DisAbility Talent Program

The first barrier-free career program for students and young academics with disabilities and chronic diseases.

Counseling and integration center for refugees from Afghanistan

Consulting and teaching understandable in native language

GVA Basic Income Distribution Center Austria


Fierce Women

All the Right Cards

Winter warming rooms

Free services for homeless, poor and lonely persons

Šanca na nový začiatok

Integračný program zamestnávania sociálne vylúčených Rómov

Yes we can!

KinderTagesHospiz Netz

Vienna's day hospice for children, adolescents and young adults with a life-shortening illness.

Cervelox 2.0

A helmet against learning difficulties

„Support me…” or adoption „up close”

Savings for children growing up in children’s homes in the Czech Republic