Nominovaní 2022

Země: Maďarsko

Region: Realizován v celé zémi

Odvětví: Občanská společnost / Sociální podnik

Pole působnosti: Mimoškolní vzdělávání, Zástoupení, Komunitní rozvoj

Kdo stojí za projektem: Közélet Iskolája Alapítvány / School of Public Life

Odpovědná osoba: Vujovits Júlia

Web: Odkaz na web


Most citizens in Hungary feel disempowered to engage in politics. Marginalised communities are significantly disadvantaged in representing their interests and rights to the state. Due to the current dismantling of democracy in Hungary, it is increasingly difficult to foster democratic engagement due to the stigmatisation of activism and the loss of independent media platforms.


Organise! (“Szerveződj!”) is a board game about activism and campaigning. This creative educational tool empowers citizens with the skills and knowledge to critically assess social processes and political advocacy in a fun, safe environment. We also offer numerous training and workshops about the game across the country. 


Activists and civil society organisations can improve their strategic campaign planning skills iwith the game. Members of marginalised communities can learn about human rights, social justice, and pressing social issues, such as segregation, environmental justice, healthcare, LGBTQ and women’s rights. 


Since the beginning of the project, we facilitated board game workshops for 15 communities and reached 134 participants. We worked with local advocacy groups, women’s rights and environmental organisations. We also trained 40 people to facilitate the game. Our community outreach strategy enables our project to have a large-scale impact all around the country. 


The board game and its workshops can be used in other languages and political contexts; only a few cards need to be swapped and translated.  Through our online game, geographical distance is no longer an obstacle! Organise! shows that learning new skills for advocacy and activism can be taught playfully.