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There is no institutionalised, widespread sexeducation in Hungary. Hungary has one of the highest rates of unwanted teenage pregnancies in the European Union, high rates of STIs, and much less access to (and information about) adequate contraception for women than other EU countries. Testsuli is the only Hungarian community (blog, social media sites, podcasts, newsletter) that educates about our bodies and sexuality, in a non-medical, credible but "friendly", direct language. Testsuli would like to empower community members that they are not alone with their questions and anxieties.


There is no institutionalised, comprehensive sex education in Hungary. Yet, Hungary has one of the highest rates of unwanted teenage pregnancies in the European Union and high rates of STIs. It has 2nd lowest rate of contraceptive availability, according to the latest European Contraception Atlas. 


Testsuli talks about taboo subjects in Hungary in a new style. We take the sensationalism out of sex (and other taboo subjects) and show that it is possible to talk about sex in non-clinical, everyday language. 


The community of Testsuli plays a huge role; without them, the project would not exist. They put their fears aside to share their stories, ask questions, and support each other. The community is diverse and come from all walks of life. I am also in touch with human rights and sexual education organisations in Hungary. 


Testsuli launched in early 2019, and since then, the community has grown slowly but steadily. It started as a blog and now has an Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok page, a bi-weekly newsletter, and a podcast of people sharing their sexual journeys. As the creator of Testsuli, I speak at roundtables and educational and corporate events. I offer art therapy sessions on body issues. I create and share free educational materials. 


The concept can be transferred to discuss taboo topics often not covered by the media. It can be used by companies, sex educators, and sex education organisations. Testuli is a model of unique educational materials and approaches to sex education.