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Zodpovedná osoba: Mgr. Simona Kolářová


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O čom to je?

Breast cancer is the most common oncological disease - this is why Mamma HELP exists. We help women with breast cancer and their loved ones through a network of 8 daily available centres. Cured and trained patients work there as therapists. They provide free counselling and psychotherapeutic care and support in a comfortable and safe environment. We register more than 6,000 visits a year.

Ocenenie poroty

Trained former patients take care of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer; they also take care of their families, their friends, but most of all of their partners and their children. The women concerned can drop in, call in, or email; no previous notice is required. Some women come for counselling just once; others require support during the entire treatment period. “It takes as long as it takes” is the principle that holds for everyone alike. Patients together with their doctors developed this innovative project as a supplement to medical care. Each Mamma HELP centre has become an integral part of its regional health network. There will soon be a ninth centre in the North-West of the Czech Republic.