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Replug me helps people to cope with digital technologies and information overload healthily. We educate through experience learning about the effect of overuse of digital technologies on various target groups all over the Czech Republic. We try to help people to be able to disconnect and reflect their own life, thoughts and stop for a moment from the fast online world and to keep healthy relationships in the real world. We are the first and biggest project in the Czech Republic which tackles the issue of digital wellbeing in so effective and complex ways with impacting so many target groups.


Exhaustion, burnout, and loneliness have become a problem in our digital age. 44 % percent of employees feel distracted and pressured to respond to online notifications; more than 20% of children in Czechia feel exhausted from social media. Replug me helps children and adults to find balance and well-being in the digital world.


Replug me is the first Czech project to educate and support healthy digital practices. We work with the public to cope with digital burnout. Replug Me offers workshops, educational strategies, and support in schools and companies. We also created family circles to improve communication and set rules for digital usage at home.


We work with children, schools, families, and companies to develop strategies against digital burnout and addiction. Replug me provides workshops for the public. We also work with companies and guide managers and employees on the effects of digital burnout to improve productivity, soft skills, and creativity.


We reached 6,500 people from school children to families to companies in 2019. We are the first and only project in Czechia dedicated to digital well-being. Replug Me is one of the top 5 national projects with the largest impact on society awarded by the Association of Social Responsibility under the UN Global Compact in Czechia.


The principles of Replug me can be used in schools, for families, and companies to improve digital well-being. Replug me also organised workshops in Indonesia for schools and companies in 2017.


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