Replug me

Digital Well-being project


nominee ["50200"]
Krajina / Región:
celá Česká republika
občianska spoločnosť/sociálny podnik
Polia pôsobnosti:
zdravie / starostlivosť
Vek cieľovej skupiny :
26 - 60 rokov = dospelí
19 - 25 rokov = mladí dospelí
12 - 18 rokov = mládež
Pohlavie cieľovej skupiny:
bez rozlíšenia pohlavia
Vlastník projektu:
Karolína Presová, founder of the company, s.r.o.,
Zodpovedná osoba:
Replug me

O čom to je?

Replug me helps people to cope with digital technologies and information overload healthily. We educate through experience learning about the effect of overuse of digital technologies on various target groups all over the Czech Republic. We try to help people to be able to disconnect and reflect their own life, thoughts and stop for a moment from the fast online world and to keep healthy relationships in the real world. We are the first and biggest project in the Czech Republic which tackles the issue of digital wellbeing in so effective and complex ways with impacting so many target groups.