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Hlasování veřejnosti 2018


Rozhodněte právě VY, který projekt letos získá Cenu veřejnosti SozialMarie! Hlasování probíhá od 20. do 27. února 2018. Klikněte na Přihlaste se/ Registrujte se pro hlasování o Cenu veřejnosti.

Wegweiser (guidepost)

Independend living with personal assistance

Wegweiser (guidepost)@else


Liberalizing the access to knowledge


WON-DER Network for integration in education

Civil alliance for the equal opportunities of disadvantaged/roma youth in education

WON-DER Network for integration in education@else

Responsible Citizenship Program

Responsible Citizenship Program@else

Community Cargobike & Trailer Sharing Platform

Biking together for more livable cities

Community Cargobike & Trailer Sharing Platform@else


collective growth


DBT Centrum

#getthepicture community photo project

Illustrated informational material and exhibition about the experience of domestic violence.

#getthepicture community photo project@else

Globono Consulting

Globono Consulting@else

Centrum Terapie Autismu

Closer to the community

K2 Centre - Contact with Community

Closer to the community@else

The Good Market goes Zero Waste

Public event as a tool for education and empowerment for a Zero waste society

The Good Market goes Zero Waste@else