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Ausschreibung zur SozialMarie 2018


Die Einreichfrist für die Ausschreibung zur SozialMarie 2018 läuft noch bis 23. Jänner 2018 23:55 Uhr, reichen auch Sie Ihr sozial innovatives Projekt ein!

Čierne diery

Forgotten places of Slovakia

Čierne diery@else


Über die Sinnsuche in einer jungen Stadt- ein sozialkreativer Verein stellt sich vor

Street Lawyers’ Legal Clinic for Law Students

A practice-based legal course for faculty of law students to provide legal aid to people in hosing poverty

Street Lawyers’ Legal Clinic for Law Students@else

T - Meter

Tolerance Meter

T - Meter@else

Media Voice

Media Voice@else

Open Piano for Refugees

Verein zur Förderung der öffentlichen Begegnung, Integration & Nächstenliebe


Soul helping methods for cancer patients and their relatives in the clubs of Hungarian Cancer Leauge


ROB - Rugby Opens Borders

Integration ermöglichen durch die Werte des Rugbysports

Parents to parents for deaf child

Let´s bring more sounds to the life of hearing impaired children

Parents to parents for deaf child@else

Everybody Challenged - Everybody Successful - Everybody Included

To spart the entrepreneurial spirit and inclusive approach in student's minds.

Everybody Challenged - Everybody Successful - Everybody Included@else

Timeless Slavery

Extensive educational and awareness-raising program about contemporary slavery, with special focus on the forms affecting women and children

Timeless Slavery@else

Hejny Method

Deserved joy of learning

Hejny Method@else