Lili's Fortitude

Vlastník projektu: Paulik Mónika, Vincze Zsuzsanna, Varsányi Pál

Zodpovedná osoba: Projektvezető: Paulik Mónika


Cena v hodnote 2 000 Eur


Občianska spoločnosť / Sociálny podnik

O čom to je?

Is it possible to say ’No’ to an adult? What’s Underwear Rule? Could children own their bodies, having the right to make decisions about them? How can a child recognize 'harmful secrets,' and how can she/he deal with them? The picture storybook of Lili’s Fortitude facilitates kids and adults to engage in discussion about a difficult topic, with the aim of preventing sexual abuse.

Ocenenie poroty

The form is a classic, the contents break a taboo. Lili's Fortitude tells of how abuse is prepared, how it happens, how Lili deals with it, how we can recognise when children have suffered violence, what we need to learn from it. Like in this picture book: sexual abuse is primarily abuse of power. The picture book form makes it easier to talk about. The most effective protection results from our conveying to the children that they may and should stand up for themselves. The story of physical self-determination needs to be told by parents, pedagogues, police(wo)men… In the media, Lili holds centre stage – it is not a new case of abuse. The form will, let us hope, innovatively add weight to the project’s impact.