Online application form

How does the online application form work?
Click on Submit now! and register. You will receive an e-mail request to confirm your registration. Also check your spam folder if you do not receive an e-mail. After confirmation, you can log in with your credentials and call up the application form. If you do not receive a confirmation by e-mail, please contact our office.

Can I view the application form before filling it out?
You can open and study the application form as described in the previous section before filling it out. Your details in the form can be saved temporarily at any time.

How do I fill out the application form?
The information is provided in English. You can save the application form and continue processing at a later date after registration. Please save the form regularly when you process it. If you do not save the form for too long, your details may be lost.

How can I submit the completed application form?
If you tick the "Submit" box and click "Send", the application will be finalised and cannot be processed. Attention: Please upload attachments (PDF and JPG) before submitting the form, as they cannot be saved temporarily.

Will the successful submission of my application be confirmed?
We will confirm the successful submission of your application by e-mail.

Can I submit several projects at the same time?
If you wish to submit several projects from one registered e-mail address, you must first finalise and submit one in order to be able to start the next application.

How can I prepare the content for the application?
Please read our Criteria for Social Innovation, our terms and conditions of participation and general information about the call.

I need help with the application. Who can I contact?
We are happy to help! Contact us by phone or send us an email. You can find our contact details here.


General information

What projects does SozialMarie look for in its call for applications?
The call is aimed at socially innovative, implemented, ongoing projects that respond to current societal challenges with innovative solutions. The projects will be judged according to our Criteria for Social Innovation.

Who can submit a project to SozialMarie? Can I also submit a project being a private individual?
Projects that are run by private individuals, commercial companies, civil society initiatives, NGOs, NPOs, associations and public administrations are eligible for submission.

What do I do if the submitted project is carried out by several partners in one cooperation?
If a project is being carried out by more than one partner, you will have to decide, upon submission, who you are going to specify as being the project owner, that is, who is submitting the project. In any case, please note the cooperation in the project description!

I do not understand the geographical submission area.
The following generally applies: the realisation of the submitted project must take place in the SozialMarie submission area; the applicant can be, but does not have to be, domiciled in the submission area. Projects that are realised in Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia can be submitted. 

Can I resubmit a project that I have previously already submitted to SozialMarie?
Yes, unless it is a project that has already won one of the 15 SozialMarie awards. You can resubmit a project that was previously nominated for a SozialMarie award, supplemented by the experiences made since the initial submission.

Can I submit a completed project?
No, the submitted project must still be ongoing at the time of submission.

What does it mean that projects cannot be submitted at the idea stage?
SozialMarie is a prize for implemented social innovations and not a grant for project ideas. Your project must be sufficiently implemented while being ongoing at the time of submission. Projects in the idea stage will not be accepted.

What happens after I have submitted my project? How will the project be evaluated?
If the submission is successful, you will receive confirmation by e-mail. The application documents will then be checked for compliance with the terms and conditions for participation and evaluated in several steps by evaluators and the jury (see our selection procedure). The projects will be evaluated according to our Criteria for Social Innovation. If your project is nominated, you will be notified by us.

When will a project get disqualified?
If an application does not meet the terms and conditions for participation, it will be disqualified and the submitters will be informed by e-mail. 

What is the SozialMarie nomination?
A maximum of 35 nominations are those projects that have made it into the first round: 15 of the nominated projects will receive awards at the SozialMarie Awards Ceremony on the 1st of May. The nomination at SozialMarie is already used by the applicants for public relations activities. The SozialMarie nominations will be made public in early March.

What happens if my submitted project is nominated?
We will notify you at the beginning of March if your project has been nominated. Representatives of the nominated projects will be invited to the Awards Ceremony on the 1st of March, where they will find out whether their project has won an award. Every nominated project will be displayed in our SozialMarie brochure, which we will publish at the Award Ceremony on the 1st of May.

What is the Audience Award?
The Audience Award is determined solely by the audience through public voting. All nominations of the current year take part in the voting, the project with the most votes wins the Audience Award of € 1,000 for educational purposes.

Are there logos that I can use if I have been nominated or have received an award?
Yes, you will receive prize winner and nomination logos from us by e-mail.