Selection Process

WHO assesses the applications?

  • Out of all submitted projects, SozialMarie’s project evaluators from Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia pre-select the best.
  • SozialMarie’s expert jury decides consensually based on the preselection.

WHAT are the evaluation criteria?

Evaluation of submitted projects happens according to SozialMarie’s criteria for social innovation:

  1. Innovation in Project Idea – Novelty
    • Does the project embody a new social approach or offer new solutions?
    • Is the project about new ways of looking at a social problem?
    • Does the project address target groups that have previously received little attention?
  2. Innovation in Accessing Target Groups – Involvement
    • What is the concrete and enduring use of the project for the target group?
    • Does the project further the potential of the target group?
    • How is the target group implicated in the project?
    • Does the project contribute to society’s esteem for the target group?
  3. Innovation in the Realisation of the Project – Effectiveness
    • Does project realisation happen in an inventive, resourceful, creative and courageous way?
    • What effects – and on whom – of this social innovation can be observed?
    • Does the project change with changing needs? For example as to the target group, the way of approaching the issue or a changing project environment?
    • Is there cooperation between different disciplines / competencies / professional groups?
  4. Innovation in Public Perception – Serving as an Example
    • How is the project integrated into local and regional environments?
    • Does the project foster dialogue / cooperation with other institutions / organisations?
    • Have other organisations, media, sponsors, politicians been made curious?
    • Have new paths been taken in dealing with the “outside world”?

The first three criteria have each twice the weight of the fourth.

HOW is the evaluation done?

  • Submitted applications are first of all screened for compliance with conditions of participation.
  • The project evaluators from Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia together with the jury coordinator preselect a certain number of projects.
  • Subsequently every jury member can add two projects at most to this preselection and can delete one and replace it by another.
  • The result of this first phase is a maximum of 42 nominated projects.
  • SozialMarie nominations will be published at the beginning of March. Nominations for SozialMarie are used by submitters for publicity.
  • During evaluation projects are visited on site when necessary.
  • In two sessions SozialMarie’s expert jury selects the 15 award winning projects.
  • The winning projects are disclosed every year on May 1st in a public award ceremony in Vienna.